The triennial World Petroleum Congress is widely known as the "Olympics" of the petroleum industry and covers all aspects of the industry from technological advances in upstream and downstream operations to the role of natural gas and renewables, management of the industry and its social, economic and environmental impact. In addition, outside stakeholders such as governments, other industry sectors, NGOs and international institutions have also joined in the dialogue.

23rd World Petroleum Congress - Houston 2020

From the 6-10 December 2020 Houston will be showcasing the industry’s role and capabilities in providing safe, affordable and sustainable energy in the future under the official theme of the 23rd WPC:

“Innovative Energy Solutions”

A strong programme will frame the event and provide many opportunities for knowledge sharing and discussions.

The Technical Programme of the Congress is split into five main topical blocks:

BLOCK 1 - Innovation in upstream
BLOCK 2 - Innovation in downstream & petrochemicals
BLOCK 3 - Innovation in natural gas
BLOCK 4 - Future energy landscape
BLOCK 5 - Managing energy solutions

23 Forums will address the key issues and challenges for the global oil and gas sector:

List of Topics and descriptions of the 23rd WPC Technical Forum Sessions

Further details available at​

​23rd-WPC-technical-forum-topics (en)

23rd-WPC-technical-forum-topics (ru)