Лаборатория электромагнитных полейЛаборатория электромагнитных полейLaboratory of Electromagnetic Fields



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Angelopoulos M.   Maximov G.   Juhls B.   Grigoriev M.   Overduin P.P.   Fage A.   Olenchenko V.   Sosnovtsev K.   Esin E.   Nikitich P.   Kartozia A.   Kashirtsev V.   Yeltsov I.   Expedition Report - Bykovsky Peninsula Summer Expedition 2017
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Aydisa SanchaaPh.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)department head<Contacts><Contact><Type>Рабочий телефон</Type><Value>+73833304954</Value></Contact><Contact><Type>e-mail</Type><Value>SanchaaAM@ipgg.sbras.ru</Value></Contact></Contacts>




Al'fred Khisamutdinov
chief researcher
Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics);professor
Aleksandr Manshteyn
leading researcher
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Aleksandr Shalaginov
senior researcher
Ph.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)
Aleksandr Vlasov
senior researcher
Ph.D. (Technical Sciences)
Aleksey Fage
research associate

Anastasiya Kutishcheva
junior researcher

Andrey Sobolev
senior researcher
Ph.D. (Technical Sciences)
Dar'ya Dobrolubova
research associate

Dar'ya Evmenova
junior researcher

Denis Fadeev
junior researcher