Лаборатория электромагнитных полейЛаборатория электромагнитных полейLaboratory of Electromagnetic Fields



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Fedotov A.P.   Phedorin M.A.   Enushchenko I.V.   Vershinin K.E.   Krapivina S.M.   Vologina E.G.   Petrovskii S.K.   Melgunov M.S.   Sklyarova O.A.   Drastic desalination of small lakes in East Siberia (Russia) in the early twentieth century: inferred from sedimentological, geochemical and palynological composition of small lakes

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Aydisa SanchaaPh.D. (Geology and Mineralogy)department head<Contacts><Contact><Type>Рабочий телефон</Type><Value>+73833304954</Value></Contact><Contact><Type>e-mail</Type><Value>SanchaaAM@ipgg.sbras.ru</Value></Contact></Contacts>




Al'fred Khisamutdinov
chief researcher
Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics);professor
Aleksandr Manshteyn
leading researcher
Doctor of Technical Sciences;senior scientific worker
Aleksandr Shalaginov
junior researcher

Aleksandr Vlasov
research associate

Aleksey Dolgun
research associate
Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics)
Aleksey Fage
junior researcher

Andrey Sobolev
senior researcher
Ph.D. (Technical Sciences)
Arkadiy Marinenko
junior researcher
Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics)
Dmitriy Arkhipov
junior researcher

Ekaterina Mikhaylova
junior researcher