Лаборатория прямых и обратных задач сейсмикиЛаборатория прямых и обратных задач сейсмикиLaboratory of Seismic Tomography






2018018 018 018 018
Wu Y.M.   Chen S.K.   Huang T.C.   Huang H.H.   Chao W.A.   Koulakov I.   Relationship Between Earthquake b-Values and Crustal Stresses in a Young Orogenic Belt
018 018 018 018
Koulakov I.   Gerya T.   Rastogi B.K.   Jakovlev A.   Medved I.   Kayal J.R.   El Khrepy S.   Arifi N.   Growth of mountain belts in central Asia triggers a new collision zone in central India
Diaz-Moreno A.   Barberi G.   Cocina O.   Koulakov I.   Scarfi L.   Zuccarello L.   Prudencio J.   Garcia-Yeguas A.   Alvarez I.   Garcia L.   Ibanez J.M.   New Insights on Mt. Etna's Crust and Relationship with the Regional Tectonic Framework from Joint Active and Passive P-Wave Seismic Tomography

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