Лаборатория физических проблем геофизикиЛаборатория физических проблем геофизикиLaboratory of Physical Problems of Geophysics



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Timofeev V.Y.   Kalish E.N.   Ardyukov D.G.   Valitov M.G.   Timofeev A.V.   Stus Y.F.   Kulinich R.G.   Nosov D.A.   Sizikov I.S.   Ducarme B.   Gravity observation at continental borderlands (Russia, Primorie, Cape Shults)
017 017 2016
Timofeev V.Yu.   Ardyukov D.G.   Timofeev A.V.   Stus Yu.F.   Kalish Eu.N.   Sizikov I.S.   Nosov D.A.   Smirnov M.G.   Sorokin K.E.   Nazarov E.O.   Gravity Measurements for Vertical Motion Study and for Seismicity Research (Baikal Rift Region)

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Vladimir TimofeevDoctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)department head<Contacts><Contact><Type>e-mail</Type><Value>TimofeevVY@ipgg.sbras.ru</Value></Contact></Contacts>




Anton Timofeev
research associate
Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics)
Dmitriy Ardyukov
senior researcher
Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics)
Dmitriy Mednykh

Eduard Mashinskiy
leading researcher
Doctor of Sciences (Geology and Mineralogy)
Elena Boyko
research associate
Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics)
Vyacheslav Yushin
leading researcher
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Dmitriy Nosov

Igor' Sizikov