V. Glinskikh A. Dudaev O. Nechaev I. Surodina

Сериальное издание : AIP Conference Proceedings. 9th International Conference for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences, AMiTaNS 2017 (Albena, Bulgaria, 21-26 June 2017)
Материалы конференции
Том: 1895 , Год издания: 2017


We developed and implemented into software an algorithm for high-performance simulation of electrical logs from oil and gas wells using high-performance heterogeneous computing. The numerical solution of the 2D forward problem is based on the finite-element method and the Cholesky decomposition for solving a system of linear algebraic equations (SLAE). Software implementations of the algorithm used the NVIDIA CUDA technology and computing libraries are made, allowing us to perform decomposition of SLAE and find its solution on central processor unit (CPU) and graphics processor unit (GPU). The calculation time is analyzed depending on the matrix size and number of its non-zero elements. We estimated the computing speed on CPU and GPU, including high-performance heterogeneous CPU-GPU computing. Using the developed algorithm, we simulated resistivity data in realistic models.