Statistical properties of multiplicative factor models

Авторы: Mitrofanov G.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2019
The results of the study, based on the study of the probabilistic characteristics of a random variable which appear after logarithmic of spectra of the path intervals, are presented. They make it possible to understand the properties of both the methods of factor decomposition and the estimates of the target parameters obtained or derived from them. In particular, such an analysis allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the primary observations and the degree of approximation of the highlighted signal component, as some regular element present in the observed wave field. Thus, the issue of the possibility of applying a particular model in processing the available experimental data can be resolved. As a rule, the distinguished regular element carries the basic information used later on at the level of interpretational models.
первоисточник: 4th EAGE Conference on Petroleum Geostatistics (Florence, Italy, 2 - 6 September, 2019)
страницы: WeP12
ISBN: 978-946282296-2
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