True amplitude imaging by inverse generalized Radon transform based on Gaussian beam decomposition of the acoustic Green's function

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Авторы: Protasov M.I.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Tcheverda V.A.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2011
True amplitude migration is one of the most important procedures of seismic data processing. As a rule it is based on the decomposition of the velocity model of the medium into a known macrovelocity component and its sharp local perturbations to be determined. Under this decomposition the wavefield can be considered as the superposition of an incident and reflected/scattered waves. The single scattering approximation introduces the linear integral operator that connects the sharp local perturbations of the macrovelocity model with the multishot/multioffset data formed from reflected/scattered waves. We develop the pseudoinverse of this operator using the Gaussian beam based decomposition of acoustic Green's functions. The computation of this pseudoinverse operator is done pointwise by shooting Gaussian beams from the target area towards the acquisition system. The numerical implementation of the pseudoinverse operator was applied to the synthetic data Sigsbee2A. The results obtained demonstrate the high quality of the true amplitude images computed both in the smooth part of the model and under the salt body
первоисточник: Geophysical Prospecting
том: 2
страницы: 197-209
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