The ionosphere response to severe geomagnetic storm in March 2015 on the base of the data from Eurasian high-middle latitudes ionosonde chain

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Авторы: Shpynev B.G.     Zolotukhina N.A.     Polekh N.M.     Ratovsky K.G.     Chernigovskaya M.A.     Belinskaya A.Yu.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Stepanov A.E.     Bychkov V.V.     Grigorieva S.A.     Panchenko V.A.     Korenkova N.A.     Mielich J.    
дата публикации: 2018
In the paper we study the ionosphere response to the March 2015 severe geomagnetic storm according to Eurasian high-middle latitude ionosonde chain. On the basis of the ionosonde chain data we have restored the time/ longitude dynamics of the high-middle latitude ionosphere over the Eurasian continent. The data showed thatduring the main storm phase that developed in the night time Siberian sector, a disturbed thermosphere region was created. This region moved westward with 50-70 m/s velocity and which was registered two-three days after the storm in the Eastern and Western Europe. Characteristics of the geomagnetic field variations showed that three active zones occurred during the storm.
первоисточник: Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
страницы: 93-105
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