The combined inverse problem of acoustics and geoelectrics: numerical approach

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Авторы: Avdeev A.     Goryunov E.     Skazka V.    
дата публикации: 1994
The paper deals with the problem of combined inversion of wave and electromagnetic fields. It is assumed that there exists the functional relation between the velocity and electric conductivity the character of which is known to us. The distributions of velocity and conductivity in the medium under study are chosen such that the minimization process of data misfit functionals for the individual problems (acoustics and geoelectrics) could not bring to a satisfactory solution. The complex functional containing a number of free parameters is used.
первоисточник: Bulletin of the Novosibirsk Computing Center. Series: Mathemaical Modeling in Geophysics
том: 1
страницы: 27-39
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