Structural and vibrational properties of PVT grown Bi2Te3 microcrystals

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Авторы: Atuchin V.V.     Gavrilova T.A.     Kokh K.A.   (ИГМ СО РАН)   Kuratieva N.V.     Pervukhina N.V.     Surovtsev N.V.    
дата публикации: 2012
High-quality Bi2Te3 microcrystals have been grown by physical vapor transport (PVT) method without using a foreign transport agent. The microcrystals grown under optimal temperature gradient are well facetted and they have dimensions up to ?100 ?m. The phase composition of grown crystals has been identified by X-ray single crystal structure analysis in space group R3?m, a=4.3896(2) A, b=30.5019(10) A, Z=3 (R=0.0271). Raman microspectrometry has been used to describe the vibration parameters of Bi2Te3 microcrystals. The FWHM parameters obtained for representative Raman lines at 61 cm?1 and 101 cm?1 are as low as 3.5 cm?1 and 4.5 cm?1, respectively
первоисточник: Solid State Communications
том: 13
страницы: 1119-1122
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