Stratigraphic pinch-out zones in Riphean deposits as promising exploration targets for expanding Gazprom's mineral resources base in the central and western parts of the Siberian platform [Электронный ресурс]

Авторы: Smirnov O.A.     Lukashov A.V.     Nedosekin A.S.     Moiseev S.A.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2019
At present, Riphean deposits represent one of the promising exploration targets, which are expected to ensure sizeable reserves additions to meet throughput capacities of the ESPO oil pipeline and the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. Using three regional seismic profiles Batolit, Kezhma - Patom trough, Svetlaya - Khoshonskaya wells, we examined the mode of occurrence of Riphean deposits in the zones of their pinch-out. It was shown that, by analogy with the Yurubchenskoe and Kuyumbinskoe fields, the subcrop of the Riphean carbonate deposits beneath the erosional surface may have been favorable for the deposition of good quality reservoir rocks. The intra-Riphean deposits were shown to have high oil and gas potential. At the present stage of investigation, the priority areas have been delineated for inclusion in Gazprom's exploration and licensing program for the near and medium term.
первоисточник: GeoBaikal 2018: 5th International Conference (Irkutsk, 11-17 August 2018)
страницы: У0107-01
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