RuCRIS: A Pilot CERIF based System to Aggregate Heterogeneous Data of Russian Research Projects

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Авторы: Guskov A.     Zhizhimov O.     Kikhtenko V.     Skachkov D.     Kosyakov D.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2014
The basic tasks of research administration are the registration and monitoring of projects execution. Currently, in Russia there are no centralized solutions for that purpose because of different requirements and regulations in national scientific foundations. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation initiated a pilot project for creating a prototype of a system for aggregating the information about research projects. The required system fits well with the CRIS model that harvests current heterogeneous research data from different sources, processes them and stores in a database, which finally provides aggregated information about national scientific research. In this paper some modelling, classifying and integration issues of this project are considered.
первоисточник: Procedia Computer Science. 12th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems, CRIS 2014 - Managing data intensive science - The role of Research Information Systems in realising the digital agenda
страницы: 163-167
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