Restoration of Borehole Source Coordinates and Parameters of the Near Wellbore Environment

Авторы: Khairetdinov M.S.     Yushin V.I.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Voskoboynikova G.M.    
дата публикации: 2019
The problem of the location determining of a borehole source, represented as low-power explosions, moving along the depth of the borehole, is considered. The problem is solved by the method of the inverse problem solving, where initial parameters are arrival times of the waves. As a result of the solution are the source spatial coordinates and the speed characteristics of the medium near the well, depending on the source immersion depth. The method of automatic measuring the waves arrival times is considered. Combination of both methods in the model experiment to determine the source location in the borehole and the velocity characteristics of the medium near the well in depth is used. The results of experimental measurements are given.
первоисточник: 14th International Scientific - Technical Conference on Actual Problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering (APEIE-2018) - 44894: Proceedings
том: Part 4
страницы: 447-450
ISBN: 978-5-7782-3615-8
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