Processing of EM logging borehole data using high-capacity numerical algorithms and advanced computer techniques

Авторы: Avdeev A.V.     Gorbenko N.I.     Lavrentiev M.M.     Epov M.I.     Yeltsov I.N.    
дата публикации: 2005
Users are supplied with new possibilities for electrical (DC) logging data by applying this package. Firstly, synthetic logs are calculated for 2D models of a medium (flat-parallel layers with account for an invaded zone). For numerical realization, the most efficient of the current algorithms (Kilmer et al, 2001; Martin 1998; Saad et al, 2001) are used. Moreover, the system itself is capable of determining electrical parameters of the region adjacent to a borehole. Solving these problems (so called inverse problems) using so-called trust-region algorithms (Lavrentiev, et al 2003) allows for a new quality of automated support to make a decision. The package is developed for companies engaged in prospecting of oil-and-gas fields as well as for institutions designing geophysical equipment. Moreover, the package can be used for training of log analysts with account to peculiarities of applying the package in particular regions
первоисточник: 4th World Congress in Industrial Process Tomography (Aizu, Japan, 5th - 5th September 2005)
страницы: 331-336
ISBN: 978-0-853-16320-6
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