New Data on the Age of the Tonalite-Trondhjemite Orthogneisses of the Olekma Complex of the Central Part of the Chara-Olekma Geoblock, Aldan Shield

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Авторы: Velikoslavinskii S.D.     Kotov A.B.     Salnikova E.B.     Kuznetsov A.B.     Kovach V.P.     Popov N.V.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Tolmacheva E.V.     Anisimova I.V.     Plotkina Y.V.    
дата публикации: 2018
New U-Pb zircon (TIMS) results allow dating of protoliths of tonalite-trondhjemite orthogneisses of the Olekma Complex in the central part of the Chara-Olekma Geoblock (Aldan Shield) to 2825 ± 3 Ma and 2994 ± 3 Ma. Together with the results of previous geochronological studies, this proves that the Olekma Complex comprises heterochronous igneous rocks intensively reworked under amphibolite facies conditions and formed during different stages of geological evolution of the Aldan Shield.
первоисточник: Doklady Earth Sciences
том: 2
страницы: 1265-1269
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