Monitoring of seismic activity of rocks broken by Chuya earthquake in 2003 [Электронный ресурс]

Авторы: Kulikov V.A.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Sagaidachnya O.M.     Dunaeva K.A.     Moiseev B.E.     Salnikov A.S.     Khogoev E.A.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2008
Some results of potentials of seismic methods used for studying the post-event period of the catastrophic earthquake are given. The studies have been carried out for 4 years (2004-2007) on the proving ground of the Chuya trough. We have revealed that the seismic wave field to be observed in the fractured zone differs essentially from seismic exploration standards and determined its basic parameters uniquely characterizing the process of medium consolidation. We have performed in-depth processing of experimental field material and showed that the main information is accumulated in variations of dynamic parameters of seismic records both under conditions of active and passive monitoring. We have distinguished processes of excitation of weak seismic waves by inner perturbation sources
первоисточник: Saint Petersburg 2008: Geosciences - From New Ideas to New Discoveries: 3rd International Conference and Exhibition (Saint Petersburg, 7-10 April 2008)
страницы: A005-A005
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