Геологическое строение и перспективы нефтегазоносности келловей-оксфордских отложений Омского Прииртышья Западно-Сибирской нефтегазоносной провинции

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Авторы: Елишева О.В.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2009
West Siberian oil-and-gas-bearing province is the largest in Russia by reserves and scopes of oil and gas production. A major part of this sedimentary basin now is an object of oil and gas prospecting activity except for marginal territories such as Omsko-Priirtysh region which are still insufficiently investigated by detailed seismic prospecting of the present-day level and deep drilling. Among main exploration and production objects on the south of West Siberia are Callovian-Upper Jurassic deposits (horizon Yu1 of Vasyugan suite). Upper Jurassic oil and gas complex is thoroughly investigated on the south-east of West Siberia (Tomsk region). Due to the increasing interest to the territory of Tomsk region, the article presents analysis of early obtained (1950-1980) and new (2003-2007) geological and geophysical material based on the present-day positions, that allowed to reveal regularity between oil and gas potential and geological structure of Callovian-Oxfordian formations of Omsk Priirtysh and propose a new view on oil and gas prospectives of the of Omsk region terriory.
первоисточник: Геология нефти и газа
том: 1
страницы: 70-75
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