Геофизические исследования курганных могильников методом электромагнитного профилированияNormal access [Электронный ресурс]

Авторы: Шапаренко И.О.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Манштейн Ю.А.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Балков Е.В.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Карин Ю.Г.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Панин Г.Л.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2015
The research object is placed 30 km far from Chistoozernoe, Novosibirsk district. In this district there are a big amount of mounds objects while archeologists in one field season can investigate only 2 or 3 mounds. So, the goal of this work is to explore mouds using geophysical methods to help archeologists in choosing the investigation object. To achieve this goal we made survays using electromagnetic profiling. In geophysical research used one method of electric prospecting: ectromagnetic profiling by equipment "EMS". This is a frequency electromagnetic induction sensing method with a vertical magnetic dipole, which consists of three coil. As a result we receive electrical resistivity maps which allow us to distinguish mounds structures. In conclusion, I would emphasize that electromagnetic profiling is useful method for archeologists. Particulary we proved a pyramidal structure of one of mounds
первоисточник: Geophysics 2015: 11th EAGE International Scientific and Practical Conference and Exhibition on Engineering and Mining Geophysics (Gelendzhik; Russian Federation; 20-24 April 2015)
страницы: 8
ISBN: 978-946282138-5
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