Dynamic microplasticity manifestation in consolidated sandstone in the acoustical frequency range

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Авторы: Mashinskii E.I.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2016
Microplasticity manifestations caused by acoustic wave in the frequency range of about 4.5 kHz-7.0 kHz are detected in consolidated artificial sandstone. Equipment was tested by means of comparison of data obtained for a standard material (aluminium) and sandstone. Microplasticity manifestations in acoustic records are present in the form of ladder-like changes in the amplitude course. The stress plateaus in the acoustic trace interrupt the amplitude course, transform the wavefront, and shift the arrival time along the time axis. Microplasticity contribution to the acoustic record changes with the increase in the strain amplitude value. The combined elastic-microplastic process conditions the wavefront steepness and its duration. Stress plateaus exert influence on the waveform and, accordingly, on pulse frequency response. These results confirm the earlier data obtained for weakly consolidated rock. This contribution to wave propagation physics can be useful in solving applied problems in material science, seismic prospecting, diagnostics, etc.
первоисточник: Geophysical Prospecting
том: 6
страницы: 1588-1601
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