Direct and Inverse Problems of Electromagnetoelasticity

Авторы: Avdeev A.V.     Priimenko V.I.     Goruynov E.V.     Zvyagin D.V.    
дата публикации: 2017
One of the possible statements of inverse problems connected with electrodynamics of vibrating elastic media is considered. The motion of an elastic conductive medium in the electromagnetic field is described by two sets of equations: that of elasticity and that of electrodynamics. The waves arising in the result of this interaction are usually referred to as electromagnetoelastic. These waves contain information about both electromagnetic and elastic parameters of a medium. The electromagnetic wave rides the "back" of the seismic wave, that is, the induced electromagnetic wave is "frozen" into the seismic wave and propagates either with P- or with S- seismic wave velocity, depending on the type of waves. The dominant frequency and the velocity of the induced seismo-magnetic wave is equal to the frequency and velocity of the seismic wave. L. Knopoff [1] studied the influence of electromagnetic fields on the propagation of elastic waves and arrived at the conclusion that in the class of geophysical problems the effect of electromagnetic phenomena on the process of elastic waves propagation is negligible, at least in the case of not too large electromagnetic disturbances.
первоисточник: 5th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society (Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sept 28 - Oct 2, 1997)
страницы: 658-660
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