Chemical equilibrium of groundwater with minerals of the host rocks in Upper Jurassic sediments (Arctic regions of Western Siberia) [Электронный ресурс]

Авторы: Novikov D.A.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)  
дата публикации: 2019
The results of thermodynamic calculations for a water-rock system in the Upper Jurassic deposits of the Arctic regions of Western Siberia are presented. In the area under investigation the groundwaters have been identified with mineralization up to 63.3 g/L and various chemical composition and genesis. Despite the long interaction with the rock (150-160 ma) equilibrium with endogenous minerals (albite, microcline and anorthite) is practically not observed. At the same time, groundwaters are in equilibrium with clay minerals and micas, such as: Caand Na-montmorillonites, kaolinite, paragonite, margarite, illite, muscovite and Mg-chlorite. The establishment of a balance of groundwater with primary aluminosilicate minerals is also affected by interactions with carbonate minerals. The differences in composition of groundwater in equilibrium with certain aluminosilicates and carbonates indicate that the mineral changes are formed from a solution of a strictly defined chemical composition in an appropriate geochemical environment.
первоисточник: E3S Web of Conferences. 16th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction (WRI-16) and 13th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry (1st IAGC International Conference) (Tomsk, Russia, July 21-26, 2019)
страницы: 01037-01037
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