Birth and evolution of a Cryogenian basin: Glaciation, rifting and sedimentation in the Vorogovka Basin, Siberia

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Авторы: Sovetov J.K.   (ИНГГ СО РАН)   Le Heron D.P.    
дата публикации: 2016
The Vorogovka Basin records the establishment and infilling of a rift-related basin during Cryogenian time. Its infill records the whole spectrum of continental clastic and carbonate shelfal to deep marine systems. Initiation of the Vorogovka trough as a sedimentary basin was accompanied by subsidence, and the accumulation of diamictites and conglomerates, of probable glacial affinity. The accumulation of Sturtian-age diamictites and the unsorted gravelstones resting on a metamorphic basement was coeval with rifting. Based on a facies analysis, it is shown that the Vorogovka trough demonstrates the evolution of a basin characterized initially by a half-graben with glaciofluvial deposits, and with a shelf shallow-marine shelf passing into a slope at the passive continental margin side. Episodic re(activation) of trough bounding faults can be illustrated on the basis of palaeocurrent analysis of fluvial-deltaic plain deposits, in deep-water fans and in shelfal, tide-related sediments. The final stage in basin evolution was characterized by the establishment of carbonate systems of probable microbial affinity and mixed tidal siliciclastic-carbonate sediments in the outer shelf
первоисточник: Sedimentology
том: 2
страницы: 498-522
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